The thruth about the humans

We live in a senicle world with tough competitors waiting to suppress us and move forward  leaving us behind.

Darwin’s theory  of  survival  of  the  fittest is the best way to explain how the world works. It is although only meant for  animals but human beings also work according  to  this theory. We are like any animal the only difference  between them  and  us is that our brain is more developed.

Sometimes I wonder why are there any living beings. The earth was a good place without us. No wars no destruction. Human greed has spoiled everything starting from their now lives to others. The world war I and II are the most prominent example of human greed. Humans have a set of emotions that can never be over looked like greed, jealousy,happiness and sadness.

We tend to forget to cherish the small things in life like the moment when we step into a puddle, or even enjoy the rain. We are so busy with competition and fame that we lose tpuch with our inner self- our soul. We forget to talk to ourself, we are our own best friend, we give ourselves best advices.

The most interesting thing that I have come across while I have been studying psychology for the past 2 years is the Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid. Which shows how an individual can achieve self actualisation. When I was studying that portion in depth I understood life in a simpler way. For maximum people we get stuck in esteem level.

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