The city of joy — Kolkata

The most amazing vibrant city of India is “KOLKATA” and I am proud to say it. A city who knows how to preserve one’s culture and adopt with the new one hence it’s a city which is integrated. A city which was once the capital of India ,a city which the Britisher’s loved, and it is a city which is and always be the cultural hub of the country.

I was born in this city, I have grown up with this city watching all of its strikes, parades, festivals, markets,schools and most importantly the people. One might say this city is dirty it’s unhygienic but i would like to question those people have they ever tired to read or understand the city like I have. I you ever learnt to enjoy the small small things of the day like true citizens of Kolkata does, relish having puckha on the streets or fall in love with the first drop of rain after the terrifying summers or just suddenly feel like enjoying the cool breeze of the city and have a cup of tea or coffee and listen to old songs.

Kolkata is still trying to preserve its heritage and along with that trying to blend with the new world. A true citizen of Kolkata will understand what I mean to say. Kolkata is wone of those cities who has a gothic appearance but inside it has an amazing new city evolving within itself. The vibrancy of the city can be seen when the puja season is knocking on the doors of every citizen the bright lights with a unique pattern and puja pandals which has it’s own sense of welcoming people.

If any person has forgotten how to live or fall in love they can just come to this stunning city for few months and realize what it feels like to live and to be happy again.

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